If you have a business that has tax arrears, the following steps may make your life easier:
·File all returns outstanding – this way you avoid penalties for late filing, even if you are not in a position to pay the tax due
·Total all taxes across all headings – you may be pleasantly surprised that you owe less than you think. If the sums involved are large, this step may prompt you to take some action now, while the debt is more manageable.
·Contact Revenue to let them know that you are aware that there is a problem, but that you cannot settle your bills immediately – they may press you for payment, but it’s better to talk to them than to ignore the problem.
·We can help in resolving arrears by negotiating with you or on your behalf with the Revenue – we have experience in this area, and can ease the pressure on you. It’s also much easier for us to say ‘No’ to any proposal and say that we have to get instructions from you, giving you time to plan your response.

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