There is one sure-fire way to increase sales to your customers – and that is to get in front of more qualified leads.

Average time spent in front of customers for a lot of salespeople is 90 minutes per day.  Is this a low figure? Probably.  Could you improve on this figure? It’s likely.

So getting in front of good prospects for your business for 180 minutes a day could potentially double your sales.

Easy to say, but you will have to generate the extra qualified leads to bring up that average time in front of customers.  That in turn drives marketing activity such as cold-calling, emails, whatever it is your business does to get qualified leads.  But the end result is worth that extra effort.

To address this, you need to build a pipeline of interested prospects. While this differs from business to business, the basic idea is to find out what generates that first contact with your business. That may be that a phone call, email or visit. Once in the pipeline, you have to persuade potential customers that are interested in your product or service in buying from you.

Marketing professionals tell us that it may require up to 6 contacts between the potential customer and the business. Be patient and track these potential customers. Also realise that it may take many attempts to get the customer ”on board”.

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