How to set up a company and what boooks to keep
To set up a limited company in Ireland, you need at least 2 directors, one of whom is willing to act as secretary. Usually at least one of these people is the shareholder, and sometimes each of them has a shareholding. You will need to agree on the main purpose of the company, and also where the registered office so that you can receive all official postage.

Once you are up and running, you will need to open a bank account for the company. You will then need to register for taxes and start to keep proper books and records. To do this we recommend that you keep transactions on a spreadsheet if you are not familiar with computerised accounting packages.

We can set you up with the spreadsheets if you want, and tailor them to your business. Then when you have a few months under your belt you can meet with us and with our help you can decide on what accounting software best suits your needs.

We have experience with all accounting packages used by small to medium sized businesses. We can advise you precisely on costs of purchasing a package, and later on costs of using the package in terms of time taken to process transactions.

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