Business Development

We work with clients on a 3 step business development process:


We look at where your business or organisation is now. We use information such as your accounts to assess the situation. There are other, non-accounting measures of how business is that are non-financial. Those measures could be for example the number of inbound sales calls. We can look at hours charged out or numbers of customer site visits. The important measures of the health of your are collated. We looked them and check them over time to see what issues need attention.


We work on the accounts information available to us and we compare that to other businesses in the same industry. Figures like GROSS PROFIT rates, and SALES PER EMPLOYEE. We then help our customers get to ‘BEST IN CLASS’ performance relative to others in their industry.

We have access to this information through other accountants, who pool information anonymously on their clients so that other clients can get benchmarks for real, small businesses. This information is not available publicly. This is a real edge you get when you use O’Sullivan Associates Accountants Ltd.


With the business owner we draw up a list of things that need to be done to get to where the business could be. In other words we know where you are now ( Measure ), we know where you could be ( Compare ), now we’ve got to get you there ( Improve ).

If your list of improvements to speed up business development can’t fit on a business card, then you have too many – 3 goals is ideal, where you focus on them rather than on too many issues that need looking at.