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If your business is up and running and you have customers, these are the number one asset to your business.  They have already bought from you, you are entitled to promote yourself to them.  The fact that you are already sending them statements, invoices, maybe even meeting them on a daily basis means that you have every excuse to communicate with them.  

That your customers came to you means that you served some of their needs at some point in time.  You need to look at what the need is or was and continue to satisfy that need.  It is vital that you find out what it is they will want in the future and try to anticipate that.


To do this you need to ask existing customer about what it is they will need in the future, so do that in some of your communications with them.  Then simply continue to provide what they want or start to provide them with what they will need in the future, now.


Here are a few methods you may want to use to contact the customers:- flyers, texts, free pens / pencils, free writing pads, diaries, brochures ( even a three-fold one-page brochure ) in with every statement / invoice / delivery docket, promotions on the back of receipts / invoices, shopping bags.


For any business, the cost of winning new customers far outweighs the cost of looking after them when you already have them.  Therefore while you have them, show them you appreciate their business.


If you run a petrol station, why not offer a free cup of coffee with every car wash sold.  The margin on the coffee will probably pay for half the price of the car wash.


If you run a business-to-business operation why not explore what you can you to show your appreciation to customers.  For starters, try to tell them how much you appreciate their business without being mushy.  You can do this by calling out of the blue and telling them this, on a day and at a time when you don’t have anything else to tell them.


You can see more about my company at or if you want to make an appointment to see me you can phone +353 1 283 4123.

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